Need large scale PCR testing, sequencing, and panels in < 24 hours? PRL has you covered.

PRL offers gold-standard PCR diagnostics for a fraction of the cost of other testing labs. Our high-capacity PCR testing with <24-hour turnaround time will help schools and business re-open, hospitals resume elective surgeries, and spur a return to normalcy for society at large. Our respiratory panels testing with sub-24-hour turnaround time will help ensure that return to normalcy. Ask about PRL's rapid integration, pool testing, logistics, sequencing capabilities, variant testing options, respiratory panels, and innovative science and technology that make PRL the only COVID-19 diagnostics testing partner you'll need.

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Leave us a message and we will get back to you shortly. For questions regarding your test result, please contact the provider location where your sample was taken. PRL is restricted by HIPAA in providing any information.

PRL provides nationwide, industrial-scale diagnostic testing for COVID-19, infectious diseases and routine health, plus non-diagnostic sequencing for variant detection.

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