Gold-standard PCR testing, sequencing, & panels for hospitals

The best COVID-19 testing and variant tracking platform utilizing PCR and respiratory panels for 1/3 market cost

Proven Leadership

As NYC's official testing partner, PRL has tested over 3 million COVID-19 samples to date, provided > 75% of sequences to identify all emergent Eta variants, and was the first to detect Alpha variants in NY State.


Sub-contract your COVID-19 testing including free surveillance and variant testing services at volume at 3x more cost-effective pricing. Respiratory panels and pooling available for 50% less cost than national average.


PRL delivers 50,000 PCR tests/day with 6-12 hour turnaround time. Respiratory panels have 24 hour turnaround time. Sequencing results delivered in 3-7 days.


Gold standard PCR testing with 5 times greater sensitivity than industry benchmarks. Respiratory panels have 98% sensitivity, 1% higher than market leader and 3% higher than industry average.

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Improved Patient Outcomes

How partnering with PRL benefits patients

Pre-surgery Testing

Bundled COVID-19 PCR testing, surveillance and variant tracking, sequencing, and respiratory panels ensure testing isn't the reason for surgery delays.

Early Detection

Integrated sequencing enables surveillance and variant testing & detection. Fast and affordable testing decreases the risk of spread.

Increased Access

Respiratory panels are inclusive of COVID-19 save time and cut costs, increasing access to testing in new and underserved communities.

Lower Cost Burden

Less expensive testing helps make every patient dollar count, even with improved quality and turnaround time.

“The Pandemic Response Lab gives us a guarantee that tens of thousands of tests can be done every day.”

Bill de BlasioMayor, New York City

Improved Financial Health

How partnering with PRL lowers financial risks

Higher Margins

Our COVID-19 PCR tests, surveillance and variant tracking, sequencing, and respiratory panels are 3x as cost-effective as market leaders, allowing for a substantially improved financial result on existing testing centers.

New Markets

Offer your services to new communities to broaden reach, market penetration, and impact without adding overhead.

Lower Risk

Exponentially increase testing capacity without adding to payroll, training new staff, buy new equipment, or lease and certify a new facility.

Staff Testing

Test staff regularly and easily with one panel.


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PRL provides nationwide, industrial-scale COVID-19 variant detection, pool testing, and gold-standard PCR testing.

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