Monkeypox Testing

PRL's novel triple-target approach reliably detects monkeypox and orthopoxvirus infections

Lesion Swab Accepted

PRL’s monkeypox test simultaneously and qualitatively detects non-variola orthopoxvirus DNA, monkeypox virus generic DNA and monkeypox virus clade II DNA at the genus, species and clade level in swab specimens from patients presenting with skin lesions

Confirmatory Testing

Our monkeypox test includes a confirmatory test as compared to only a presumptive positive result from standalone orthopoxvirus testing

Reduced False-Negatives

PRL's monkeypox test lowers the risk of false-negatives by safeguarding against unexpected genome mutations with redundancy assay design that targets three sections of the monkeypox genome

Timely Diagnosis

We provide a timely diagnosis that is critical to slowing viral transmission and aiding public health response

Testing for Monkeypox

Knowing how monkeypox is spread and when to get tested is key to staying safe

How it's Transmitted

Anyone, regardless of sexual orientation, can contract monkeypox through contact with skin lesions and with respiratory secretions, such as mucus or saliva, or from contaminated surfaces.

Symptoms to Look For

Those with monkeypox typically get a rash that may be located on or near the genitals or anus, or other areas like the hands, feet, chest, face or mouth. Rashes can be similar to those presented by other infections, such as syphilis, varicella or herpes.

When to Get Tested

The CDC recommends testing for monkeypox if a patient fits the epidemiologic criteria and presents with a rash suspicious of monkeypox.¹

What to Do When Positive

Patients with suspected or confirmed monkeypox infection should be kept in a single-person room. If movement outside the room is required, they should wear a mask and cover any exposed lesions with a sheet or gown.²

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Per CDC guidance,³ utilizing a multiplex approach in monkeypox testing can lessen the risk of false-negatives. PRL's test safeguards against unexpected mutations and detects at the genus, species and clade level.
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Monkeypox tests run in each PRL laboratory are independently developed and validated at their respective facility; performance of tests may vary.

PRL provides nationwide, industrial-scale diagnostic testing for COVID-19, infectious diseases and routine health, plus non-diagnostic sequencing for variant detection.

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