High-throughput testing for senior care

In addition to PRL's SARS-CoV-2 test, our NEW Concise Respiratory Panel enhances care for residents of nursing homes and long-term care facilities.

Diverse Panel Offerings

PRL has expanded beyond COVID-19 testing! We recently launched our Concise Respiratory Panel, with additional routine tests for general health in the pipline.

Early Variant Detection

PRL's SARS-CoV-2 variant surveillance service, utilizing our advanced sequencing workflow, can identify SARS-CoV-2 variants in your patient population, a critical piece of information in shaping population-level mitigation and response.

Low Cost Burden

Affordable GOLD standard PCR testing with fast turnaround times helps decrease unnecessary costs incurred from expensive, traditional diagnostics.

Regular Staff Testing

Test your staff regularly and easily to monitor cases within the facility, allowing you to take the appropriate action to mitigate transmission and protect your elderly residents.

Solutions for senior care

PRL is continuing to expand our GOLD standard of testing at low cost, high quality and fast turnaround times.

All-in-One Solution

PRL provides integrated COVID-19 testing and variant surveillance sequencing, plus additional molecular testing for other infectious diseases, in one place.

Built for Scale

PRL utilizes scientific and industry-leading lab automation expertise to process our tests at scale. We return 99% results in < 24 hours.


Price should not be the barrier to elevate the standard of care. Our services cost significantly less than the national average.

Proven Leadership

As NYC's official COVID-19 testing partner, PRL has tested millions of samples to date and was the first to detect Beta and Omicron variants in NY State.

Our offerings

Older adults living in congregate settings, such as nursing homes, are at higher risk for contracting infectious diseases.(1) We offer fast and reliable testing for long-term care residents.

Rapid response for isolation, quarantine and treatment decisions.

Quick rule-in or rule-out of infections with similar cold/flu-like symptoms.

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Your residents deserve quality, accessible and affordable care
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  1. Interim infection prevention and control recommendations to prevent SARS-COV-2 spread in nursing homes. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Published September 10, 2021. Accessed January 20, 2022.

PRL provides nationwide, industrial-scale COVID-19 variant detection, pool testing, and gold-standard PCR testing.

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