Low cost, rapid whole-genome sequencing

Crucial for continued vigilance against new SARS-CoV-2 variants

Non-Diagnostic Sequencing for Surveillance Use

In addition to diagnostic COVID-19 PCR testing, PRL performs non-diagnostic, whole genome sequencing to detect and track SARS-CoV-2 variants in real time and inform both public and private health responses.

First in NY to Discover Beta and Omicron Variants

PRL’s large-scale genome sequencing workflow can identify new and potentially dangerous mutations. We were the first to discover the Beta and Omicron variants in New York State in 2021.

Public Health Data

PRL’s rapid sequencing workflow has had a profound impact on epidemiologic surveillance capabilities to inform local and national public health responses. We have uploaded about 50,000 sequences to GISAID, the global access genomic data database, as of March 2022.

Sequencing Capacity

While PRL provides 80 percent of the sequencing capacity in New York and 2 percent of the world’s capacity, we have not reached our maximum sequencing potential and are able to take on more samples.

SARS-CoV-2 Variant Tracker

Why utilize our sequencing service?

Fast and affordable variant identification through viral genome sequencing

Mitigate the Spread

Our non-diagnostic advanced sequencing workflow can identify circulating variants at a surveillance-level, providing critical public health information in shaping mitigation and response.

Seamless Integration

PRL has integrated a large-scale, COVID testing pipeline for direct sequencing of positive samples for variant detection.

Low Cost Burden

Our whole-genome sequencing service is a fraction of the cost compared to market leaders. Contact us to discuss cost for your particular project.

Quick Turnaround Time

On average, sequencing results are delivered within 3-7 days.

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PRL provides nationwide, industrial-scale diagnostic testing for COVID-19, infectious diseases and routine health, plus non-diagnostic sequencing for variant detection.

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