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PRL implements multiple workcells of top of the line lab robotics working in parallel within a single lab. This not only enables high-throughput testing, but also next generation sequencing for 100% positive specimens across the lab network.


PRL leverages proprietary innovations in automation, sample accessioning, sample processing, and assay sensitivity to enable <24 hour turnaround time with 20% increased sensitivity and <200 ml limit of detection vs benchmark sites.


COVID-19 Testing

PRL utilizes scientific innovation and industry-leading lab automation expertise to process 40,000 to 60,000 tests a day with 99% of results received in < 24 hours instead of the industry average 48-72 hours

Variant and Strain Detection

PRL utilizes an integrated pipeline for direct sequencing of positive samples, including whole genome and/or targeted sequencing, with free, integrated variant detection available.

Pool Testing

PRL offers pool testing services to test students, faculty, and support staff with results in < 12 hours

Panel Testing

PRL offers more than two dozen PCR-based panels including common respiratory tests with additional tests coming soon.


What makes our tests powerful

PRL uses top-of-the-line lab robotics that process PCR and next-generation variant detection in parallel within a single lab.


We use an integrated pipeline for direct sequencing of positive samples, including whole genome and/or targeted sequencing.


PRL generated 75% of sequencing results to drive identification of the NY SARS-CoV-2 variant B.1.526.

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PRL provides nationwide, industrial-scale COVID-19 variant detection, pool testing, and gold-standard PCR testing.

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